Product Application

Quiti-Kill Biolarvicide

Product Application

QUITI-KILL RICE HUSK is applied directly by hand to areas where there is potential pooling of water and breeding of mosquitoes, especially areas of standing water where mosquito larvae thrive, such as the following:

  • Rainwater catch basins such as old tires, clogged rain gutters/drainage, tarpaulin covers, open discarded containers/pails, treeholes, flower pots
  • Leaky faucets, dishwashing areas, laundry areas, areas under refrigerators/aircoolers, water storage areas
  • Flower vases, water containers for pets, fishponds, non-chlorinated swimming pools
  • Roadside ditches


QUITI-KILL is most effective at a ratio of 1gm – 2gm per 10sqm or 1kg – 2kg per hectare. The effect will last for at least 2-3 weeks as long as the product is not washed away. However, more frequent application maybe necessary particularly during the rainy season. Additional dosage may be required for polluted water.

QUITI-KILL WETTABLE POWDER is dissolved in water and sprayed over the same breeding places as stated.  The recommended dose is 100mg dissolved in 1 liter of water, good for 1 hectare surface area of breeding areas.