Words from our Stakeholders

Quiti-Kill Biolarvicide


"Quezon City is one of the dengue-prone cities in our country.  With informal settlers in highly-condensed areas, it is very difficult to control the spread of the dengue virus.  That is why we, in the Health Department and the city government, welcome any support extended to us including coming from partners in the community, like Yngentech."

Antonieta V. Inumerable, MD, MPH
City Health Officer
Health Department, Quezon City

"In Quezon City, we follow the WHO-recommended Integrated Vector Management in our anti-dengue program. It involves the use of several mosquito-control agents including larvicides, agents that kill mosquito larvae.  There are many larvicides available like contact poisons, growth regulators,  stomach poisons and biological control agents.  There are new products which are combinations of biological agents and organic stomach poisons mixed in rice husk.  Our preference are the larvicides that are fast-acting and biofriendly because they contribute significantly to reduction of mosquitoes without being harmful to humans and animals in the community."

Dr. Rolly T. Cruz
Chief Epidemiologist and Surveillance Officer
Health Department, Quezon City